2023 Stewardship Campaign

UCC is growing!

We’ve had an amazing year at UCC and we want to humbly thank you for your faithful and consistent presence and support. 

Due to the church’s growth and inflated prices however, a stewardship campaign is planned for United Community Church in the spring of 2023.

What and Why?

  • During 2022 we made a new key staff hire, our youth pastor.
  • We have needed to rent more spaces for our growing children’s and youth ministry.
  • Overall costs have increased due to general inflation.
  • We are planning for some exciting outreach and evangelism opportunities.

What can you do?

Support us financially! You can give a onetime gift to a general account, or give a recurring gift in addition to your tithe or offering. So that we can budget accordingly, please tell us what you are able to commit to through this form.

Our stewardship committee will be able to factor this in as they guide us through this season. 

You can transfer your donation to:

Account Number
FI39 1112 3000 3362 11

Reference Numbers
Espoo: 1177
Helsinki: 8882

Send us your pledge here.