Agricola Theological Institute

About Agricola Theological Institute

The Agricola Theological Institute is a local, church-based training institute that aims to prepare men and women for the ministry of the Word of God, so that God’s people can be nourished by his Word and his holy name be glorified.

Agricola Theological Institute – or ATI, for short – began with a need to train and equip leaders of UCC. Initially, Pastor Shaun started a training a program for church planting in 2008, and eventually that program has grown to be a full degree-offering seminary. ATI currently has students from all over Finland, and some from even beyond the borders of this nation.

God, who wishes for his name to be worshiped in all creation, is still working to spread the gospel of his Son to all the corners of the earth, to every tribe and nation, for the joy of all peoples. ATI intentionally emphasizes this mission of God so that its pastoral graduates will bring that vision to their new congregations in Finland.