Easter 2024

29th – 31st of March

If Jesus was not raised from the dead then our faith is meaningless! 
Come, join us, as we enter into the Easter story.
Come, hear and celebrate the power of Christ’s resurrection, and share the hope and joy of Easter at our special Easter services.

Good Friday

Good Friday Reflection
Worship Service at 17-18
light refreshments provided

Location: Valotalo, Matinkylä

Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection Sunday
Worship Service at 10:30
followed by extended feasting & fellowship

Location: Valotalo, Matinkylä


Our church, or our worship services take place in the Espoo Christian School, in a building called the Valotalo. Please come in through the main doors of the courtyard, where our welcome team will be ready to greet you and help you into the building.

You don’t need to bring anything! 

If you want to bring your own Bible to follow along from during the teaching, that’s always a good idea – but we’ll show all the main texts on the screen as well.

We have a potluck meal after the service – see the next question!

We love sharing a meal together after our special services, and have a tradition of everyone bringing a little something to share. You don’t have to bring something, you are welcome to come as you are, take part and enjoy.

If you’d like to contribute to the feast, check out the instructions linked above. And thank you!

Nope! You can come just as you are. 

Some of us might be dressed a little bit more fancily – Easter is the biggest celebration of the year in the Christian faith so it’s a really special occasion for us – but we don’t have a dress code, any expectations, or any requirements. 

If you’re already here, please feel free to speak with anyone who has a name tag! We’d love to help you out with any questions or concerns. 

Otherwise, you can find our staff team contact info at ucclife.fi/contact or you can drop us a comment on social media (instagram or Facebook) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!