Shepherding Groups

UCC is a foundationally relational church – we want to see all our members connected to both a Life Group and a Shepherding Group, as well as our overall discipleship program.

Life Groups are places to meet weekly or biweekly to study the Word together  – read more about Life Groups here.

Shepherding groups are larger than Life Groups, they meet roughly tri-annually, and exist to connect UCC members to the leadership, community and mission of the Church.


What is a Shepherding Group?


Shepherding groups consist of members of UCC joined together under the care and oversight of one Elder, with the aim of helping members to experience a personal connection to the various activities and ministries of the church, and to the overall discipleship path that UCC offers.


Life can include seasons of joy, but also of trials of many kinds – we want to walk alongside you in care and prayer in any season you may be in. The way we do this is of course by building relationships and helping you to build relationships within the church. We are a community you can “do life” with – join United Community Church.



Do I need to join a Shepherding Group?


If you are a member of United Community Church, you have already been placed into a Shepherding Group. You can contact any Elder or Pastor to find out who your shepherding Elder is. As a member, we encourage you to participate in the group events and enrich your relationships within the church.