About Mission: Build Grow Reach

After celebrating 10 years of God’s faithfulness as a church, we have sensed God’s leading to establish a vision to position UCC to better serve its members and its purposes under God into the future. We are pursuing this vision with a framework of  three main categories: build, grow and reach. We call this Mission: Build Grow Reach. 

Further Explanation

The vision of Mission: Build Grow Reach is an extension of our commitment to the Gospel and to our core values of Christ, community and creation. We want to be able to articulate, communicate and execute all stages of this plan over the next several years. 

To that end: our plan is to build a new permanent UCC office in Matinkylä, in the Espoo Christian School (EKK) premises; this office will function as our operational and administrative center. We will also build a new congregation in south Espoo which will also meet at EKK. We want to grow by becoming much more intentional in making disciples at UCC, by assimilating each one who attends UCC into a Life Path which consists of central UCC ministries designed for spiritual growth. We are establishing a missions ministry which will focus on three areas of reach: our partnership with ATI, to train and equip church pastors and leaders for Finland; our partnership with missionaries and mission organisations; sending out church planters and evangelism from UCC.

About the Mission Graphic

Overlapping circles best represent MISSION: Build Grow Reach, because while each area is distinct, they are also interconnected. For example, our new office will give us new premises to facilitate the growth of ATI and at the same time give us a more easily accessible space for all of our congregations, to better serve the whole of UCC as a center of operations. The technological advantages of the new space will also provide vastly improved opportunities for what we foresee a need for: having teaching and training opportunities online.