Lent 2021

It is a common practice during the 40 days of Lent to be especially intentional about setting aside time for daily Scripture reading and reflection. This Lent reading plan walks through each of the four Gospels during the Lent season. What better way to prepare for Easter than to read the complete story of Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection?

You will notice Sundays are reserved for worship and rest.

The plan includes a basic method for reading Scripture based on observation, interpretation, application and prayer. The plan below will link directly to an online Bible, or you can follow along in your physical Bible. As much as possible, we warmly recommend discussing thoughts on what you’ve read with friends or family members.

Throughout this season of Lent, we will offer a church-wide prayer meeting, via zoom, every Thursday morning from 7-7:30am.

You can join the call by clicking here.

As you read, we invite you to consider at least one question from each category below. You could write out your answers, or perhaps discuss them with a friend or spouse.

Read the Passage:
Read the entire Bible passage for the day and select one verse or section to meditate on. Read through this selection at least two more times.

Observe the Passage: What is being said.
• Who is speaking? Who is this about? Who are the main characters?
• What is the main subject or event? What do you learn about the people, event, or teaching?
• When do / will the events occur?
• Where did this happen? Where was it said?
• Why is something being said or mentioned? Why would or will this happen? Why at that time and or to this person/people?
• How will it happen? How is it illustrated?

Interpret the Passage: What does it mean.
• What sinful, broken, or fallen condition is being addressed or corrected by the passage?
• What is the deeper sin beneath the behavior?
• What prompted the John to write this passage.
• What does this passage tell us about Jesus Christ and how he is the answer to the sin condition revealed?

Apply the Passage: Application to you & others.
How can your life be different today because of what you have read?
• Lessons to be learned
• Examples to be followed or avoided
• Promises to be claimed and enjoyed
• Character trait of God revealed
• Deeds to start, continue, or stop

Pray the passage:
Speak or ideally write out a prayer for yourself and others based on what you read today.

 Another helpful way to quiet your mind and focus your heart during this season is music. Here is a link for a playlist that we have found helpful. You’ll notice that it’s quite long; we don’t recommend trying to listen to it all in one sitting, but rather take a few songs at a time. Bear in mind that the playlist includes liturgical elements put to music, as well as a host of songs that will thematically take us closer and closer to the triumph of Easter.

How can we pray for you or rejoice with you this season? Let us know with the button above!

Day Today’s Scripture Reading
Feb 17 Wednesday Day 1 Matthew 1-3
Feb 18 Thursday Day 2 Matthew 4-6
Feb 19 Friday Day 3 Matthew 7-9
Feb 20 Saturday Day 4 Matthew 10-Matthew 12
Feb 21 Sunday Day 5 Rest day
Feb 22 Monday Day 6 Matthew 13-Matthew 14
Feb 23 Tuesday Day 7 Matthew 15-Matthew 16
Feb 24 Wednesday Day 8 Matthew 17-Matthew 18
Feb 25 Thursday Day 9 Matthew 19-Matthew 20
Feb 26 Friday Day 10 Matthew 21-Matthew 22
Feb 27 Saturday Day 11 Matthew 23-Matthew 24
Feb 28 Sunday Day 12 Rest day
March 1 Monday Day 13 Matthew 25-Matthew 26
March 2 Tuesday Day 14 Matthew 27-Matthew 28
March 3 Wednesday Day 15 Mark 1-Mark 3
March 4 Thursday Day 16 Mark 4-Mark 6
March 5 Friday Day 17 Mark 7-Mark 9
March 6 Saturday Day 18 Mark 10-Mark 12
March 7 Sunday Day 19 Rest day
March 8 Monday Day 20 Mark 13-Mark 14
March 9 Tuesday Day 21 Mark 15-Mark 16
March 10 Wednesday Day 22 Luke 1-Luke 3
March 11 Thursday Day 23 Luke 4-Luke 6
March 12 Friday Day 24 Luke 7-Luke 9
March 13 Saturday Day 25 Luke 10-Luke 12
March 14 Sunday Day 26 Rest day
March 15 Monday Day 27 Luke 13-Luke 14
March 16 Tuesday Day 28 Luke 15-Luke 16
March 17 Wednesday Day 29 Luke 17-Luke 18
March 18 Thursday Day 30 Luke 19-Luke 20
March 19 Friday Day 31 Luke 21-Luke 22
March 20 Saturday Day 32 Luke 23-Luke 24
March 21 Sunday Day 33 Rest day
March 22 Monday Day 34 John 1-John 2
March 23 Tuesday Day 35 John 3-John 4
March 24 Wednesday Day 36 John 5-John 6
March 25 Thursday Day 37 John 7-John 8
March 26 Friday Day 38 John 9-John 10
March 27 Saturday Day 39 John 11-John 12
March 28 Sunday Day 40 Rest day
March 29 Monday Day 41 John 13-John 14
March 30 Tuesday Day 42 John 15-John 16
March 31 Wednesday Day 43 John 17-John 18
April 1 Thursday Day 44 John 19-John 20
April 2 Friday Day 45 John 21
April 3 Saturday Day 46 1 Corinthians 15
April 4 Sunday Day 47 It’s Easter!