UCC Easter worship service

Welcome to celebrate Resurrection Sunday on April 17th at our Espoo location!

On Easter, we have a tradition of combining our congregations and celebrating as one family – this year, we have the pleasure of joining also with Espoo Vapaakirkko.

Please arrive early (aim for ten) to allow enough time to find a parking spot (there is no parking at the school lot, so please use the ice hall or health center) or to walk over from the metro. You’re welcome to bring a plate to share for our post service fellowship – if you plan on doing so, please drop it off, ready to serve, with the kitchen team before the service begins.

Please be praying and preparing your hearts for the Easter service, and let’s each take some time to consider once more who we could invite.

Reminder to all that there is no afternoon service tomorrow – come and join our morning worship celebration!


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