UCC Social – Nuuksio Hike

UCC Social: Nuuksio hike

Join us this Saturday (May 14th) for a little Nuuksio hike!

We’ll roughly be in the Haukkalampi area, since that is reachable both by public transport and by cars.
We will be starting at the Haukkalammentie bus stop at 10am. There is also a parking lot so people coming by car can park there. In this area there are options for walking routes of different lengths. I (Christoph) have some ideas but we can adapt the length of the walk to how much time people have and how ambitious you feel. So don’t worry if you have something else planned in the afternoon, feel free to still join.

The plan is to be at a spot for grilling around lunch time, so bring some sausages or other picnic stuff for that.
If you are planning to join, especially if you might run a bit late, or if you need more information, please reach out to me.
See you on Saturday.

Contact Christoph at +358 40 6674686 with any questions.

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