Continuity Plan: Spring/Summer 2021

updated Sunday 9th of May, 2021


We are hoping  to return to in-person services at the beginning of June! We are planning as if we will indeed be able to return to in-person services, and do of course plan to take all appropriate health precautions (masks, distancing, hand sanitiser, etc.), starting at the beginning of June – Sunday June 6th. There’s a slight possibility that this may even happen sooner; there’s also a possibility that we may do multiple services. This will depend on how the government eases our restrictions. 

Please pray with us that we would be able to meet together in person as the Body of Christ soon! We will meet at the allowed number, but please be preparing in your hearts, minds and calendars to be present with each other and praying for one another.

Various activities over the summer will also hopefully be taking place. Our summer book study will be on Life Together, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Summer soccer will also be starting up, as well as hopefully many social events! We’ve published a Summer 2021 webpage which will have all the details on all the summer events.  Please stay tuned!

We don’t currently have further details, but we look forward to sharing them with you as soon as we are able.


We will continue to use the WhatsApp channel for any important updates in our services or announcements. You can also check in on our Summer 2021 webpage, or the bulletin announcements