Continuity Plan: January 2021

updated Saturday 9th of January, 2021


Due to current restrictions being extended, we will continue to offer online services only throughout the month of January. We long for the day we can meet with you in person again and worship the Lord together in the same room – please pray with us that this will be possible again next month. We’re excited for what God has for us this Spring through His Word!


We want to continue to walk alongside you in this season! If you live alone, are feeling isolated or lonely, or struggling with anything, please do reach out to a pastor, leader or friend. We’d love to visit with you, pray with you, go for a walk with you, have a phone call with you… just reach out. Call or text pastor Shaun at 050 382 5148. If you have the capacity, we continue to encourage you, as individuals, to make the extra effort of reaching out through a phone call to those who might be more alone than usual, or who need to limit live contact for health/safety reasons. We are constantly evaluating the health situation. We will return to in-person services as soon as we are able, and will keep you posted on any developments.