Christmas Challenge:

Invite 10 people to our Christmas service on the 10th of December.

Consider people in your biological (family), geographical (neighbourhoods), social (friends), and vocational (work) contexts.

What to expect on the 10th:

  • An Advent service of roughly 1h15m
  • Traditional Christmas songs
  • A small gift for every visitor
  • Porridge & glögi fellowship afterwards

Steps you can take:

  • Pray about who to invite
  • Plan how to invite them
  • Prepare to meet them outside before the service and bring them in
  • Pursue: make a plan to meet with them before or after the service for discussion, and follow up with them after the service


What if they say no?
They might! That’s a very normal response and it’s no being deal. Even if they are rude, remember that it’s not you they are rejecting; it’s the message you carry.

What if I’m not an evangelist?
You don’t need the spiritual gifting of an evangelist – you just need to have a conversation with someone. God has placed you in a unique situation with unique circumstances and has called you to witness about him and to be a light in precisely your local portion of the world.

How do I invite someone?
A face to face conversation is usually the best way. We’ve also provided digital materials which we invite you to share, along with your invitation.

What if I want to invite more than ten people?
Go for it! Get the word out as far as possible!


Imagine if every teen and adult were to invite ten people, and were praying over all those people.

Imagine what God might do!
Join the story; join HIS story!